The secret weapon of great branding


What great branding is, and why it’s essential for your company. 


Branding. At its most complex, it’s a mess of constantly changing rules, trends and tactics with a ton of buzz words thrown into the mix. 


But at its most simple? Branding is a fundamental marketing technique which involves creating names, logos and designs with a shared distinctive style. The purpose? To make your organisation or business easily identifiable to your audience. 


In 2019 a cohesive brand across your website, social media, communications and advertising is simply a necessity. But great branding? Well, that’s the difference between an organisation that survives and one that thrives. 


So, here why branding is essential, and how you can take yours to the next level;  


1.    A great brand is something people can trust

Here’s the secret underpinning almost all marketing; people aren’t loyal to companies… they’re loyal to people. A person doesn’t trust a product or a service; they use it. What they trust is the person who sells it to them. Great branding works by telling your customers ‘who’ your company is, giving it a personality they can connect with. 


Ask yourself the question; if our company was a person, what would they look like, how would they speak and what colours would they be?

For a sustainability advisor, perhaps they are a corporate figure in a suit who knows the business lingo and is the colour blue? Maybe a vegan skincare brand is a holistic eco-warrior who uses conversational tones and colours like beige or turquoise?  


2.    Makes you recognisable

For Apple, it’s that iconic apple and the font Helvetica Neue. For Google, it’s the distinct order of blues, reds, yellows and greens. Elements that are so simple yet distinct, it doesn’t matter whether you see them on a newsletter head, social media post, Facebook ad or billboard; you immediately know what company they’re from. 

This makes the second pillar of branding, and how its key to the success of your business.  When your target market is overwhelmed with hundreds if not thousands of advertisements, content and communication every day, being recognized is critical. So how do you do this? Consistency, consistency, consistency. 

Here’s where ‘brand guidelines’ come in; a document that specifies every from the logo and slogan to the specific HTML colour code and phrases you use across all marketing and communications.  


Are your brand guidelines up to scratch? Here are some suggestions to get you started;

Brand values · Logo placement and treatment · Font style and hierarchy · Colours and hues · Imagery · Voice, tone and buzzwords 


3.    Helps you get clear on values. 

Thirdly, and equally importantly, great branding demands clear values and strategy. Whether your organisation is a brand new startup with a staff of 2 or a decade-old corporation with several layers of management, values are key when it comes to empowering staff and engage audiences. 

Sitting down and establishing branding guidelines often provides a much-needed opportunity to first step back and look at the wider context of your organisation and what you want it to stand for, achieve or be known for. These values will then be what trickles down and inform everything from your tone of voice to your colour scheme. For example, Patagonia’s branding – from their mountain logo to their conversational tone of voice – clearly represent values of sustainability and adventure to customers. 


Is everyone in the loop?

Once you’ve done the hard yards of working out just what your start-up, organisation, group or business’ values are, make sure to share it around the workplace! Whether you send a team email, stick up posters in the office or make a document available to your staff, make sure everyone has easy access to an outline of just what they’re working towards. 


Are you ready to take your branding and marketing to the next level? Ready to give your organisation’s image a fresh new coat of paint, reach new audiences and keep them engaged? Email, and get a killer brand strategy started today!

Madina Knight