Who We Are

We created Kindtype because we know that the needs of socially-minded organisations are unique. A one size-fits all approach, simply won’t cut it.  Whether you work for a non-profit, local community organisation, budding social enterprise or business selling sustainable products, we’d love to work with you. 


What makes us different?


We tell stories that matter

Stories are central to what we do. The right story can inspire, motivate and connect people of different ages and beliefs. It can also turn supporters into advocates and prospects into customers.  

We can help you find those world-changing stories within your organisation and share it with the right audience.

We speak your language

From ambitious social enterprise models to complex development projects, we are adept at taking difficult issues and translating them into clear and engaging content.


Best Practice

We follow best practice principles

We are all about best practice and always operate with your values and mission in mind. We follow best practice standards for communications in the social good sector.


Who is Kindtype?

Madina Knight

Madina Knight

Founder and Director 

Madina is a Communications professional with extensive experience in the social good sector. Madina has a passion for working alongside organisations and seeing them grow their impact using smart, cost-effective strategy. She holds a Bachelor of Communications Degree as well as a Masters Degree in Human Rights.